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Law in the Digitalization Era - ICLAS 2019 Proceedings Book

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We are pleased to organize the 8th International Conference on Law and Society (ICLAS) in Istanbul, Turkey. Hosted by Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University, this year ICLAS 2019 is held under the theme of "Law in the Digitalization Era". The idea of the theme of the conference is arising from the fact that the digitalization is expeditiously spreading to all the fields of life and it has become an undeniable phenomenon of today's world. This new phenomenon has also brought new problems, necessities, and new facts that the field of law needs to involve in. Therefore, we aim to monitor and discuss the new challenges to the field of law in this new digitalization era and propose new solutions accordingly.(FROM THE PREFACE)


Online Mediation in Malaysia: With Reference to the Practice of Mediation in the Family Support Division of the Syariah Judiciary Department
Nora Abdul Hak

Transforming the Constitutional Court of Indonesia in the Digital Era: Making Justice More Accessible to the People
Hani Adhani/ Khairil Azmin

Fighting Children Addiction to Internet Video Gaming: Requirement for a 'Shut Down Law'
Asmida Ahmad/ Nur Fazini Asro binti Ramzi Sulaiman

Law 2.0: Formulation and Coding of Legal Norms within the Scope of a Calculus System Modelled Upon Arithmetic
Kadir Akgül

The Digitalization of Registration of Land Title in Malaysia: A Review to Strengthen the Indefeasibility of Title
Amir Nur Ikhwan Amernudin

An Assessment on the Applicability of International Humanitarian Law to Cyber Warfare
Eda Aycan Aras

New VAT Regulations for E-Commerce Transactions
Arif Ayluçtarhan/ Ramazan Durgut

Right to Benefit of Defence Counsel
and Artificial Intelligence in Law
Murat Balcı

Legal Challenges in Protecting Children against Cyber Bullying in Malaysia: An Appraisal
Roslina Che Soh @ Yusoff/ Duryana Mohamed

Freedom of Expression and Social Media: An Appraisal on the Trump Twitter Case
Aslan Delice

Enhancing Access to Justice via ICT;
An appraisal of the Malaysia Courts
Norliah Ibrahim

Smart Contracts
Dilşah B. Kartal

Contemporary Trends of Online Dispute Resolution for Consumers in the EU: A Critical Analysis of the EU ODR Platform
Serkan Kaya

Employee and Employer Relations in the Digital Era
M. Refik Korkusuz

Leveraging Fintech to Enhance Waqf Management Under the State Islamic Religious Council (SIRC) in Malaysia
Nor Asiah binti Mohamad

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Matrimonial Disputes: A Critical Evaluation of the Malaysian Practice
Najibah Mohd Zin/ Nora Abdul Hak/ Hidayati Mohamed Jani

Legal Standards of EU GDPR and Implications for Digitalization Process
Muruga Perumal Ramaswamy

Digitalization of Court Administration and Access to Justice: The Experience of the Indonesian Judiciary
Iwan Satriawan/ Tanto Lailam/ Zulfiani Ayu/ Faishal Aji Prakosa

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Ürün Kodu 151998
Yayın Tarihi 2019 Eylül
Barkod 9786057820792
ISBN 9786057820792
Yayınevi On İki Levha Yayıncılık
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Cilt Tipi Amerikan Cilt
Kağıt Türü 1. Hamur
Yazarlar Murat Oruç