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Introduction to Turkish Business Law

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"In recent years Turkey's commercial connections with the rest of the world have grown dramatically. The relative inaccessibility of Turkish business law to lawyers, business persons, and students from other countries prompted the first edition of this book in 2001. This fully updated new edition reflects important changes--notably in the areas of foreign direct investment and conflict of laws rules--and adds additional chapters on banking law, commercial arbitration law, and intellectual property law.
English-speaking legal practitioners and academics have here an ideal introduction to the basic institutions, principles, and rules of Turkish business law, so that users can become familiar with business law and legal processes in Turkey and pursue further research on specific Turkish legal matters.
Sixteen chapters, each written by a Turkish expert in hisher field of specialty, focus on particular aspects of business, with Turkish equivalents of English terminology and chapter bibliographies.
This concise, practical, and up-to-date guide is sure to provide practitioners, business persons, academics and other interested parties with a speedy and reliable opening to whatever aspect of Turkish business law they need to learn about. It is also of great value as a comparative source, in broader terms, on Turkish legal practice in the field."(Tanıtım Yazısı)


  • General Introduction to Turkish Business Law, Tuğrul Ansay & Eric Schneider
  • Sales of Personal Property, Tuğrul Ansay & Işık Onay
  • Consumer Protection Law, A. Lâle Sirmen
  • Agency, Tuğrul Ansay & Işık Onay
  • Secured Transactions (Securities and Seuretyship), A. Lâle Sirmen
  • Negotiable Instruments, Tuğrul Ansay & Fırat Öztan
  • Business Associationsş Tuğrul Ansay
  • Unfair Trade Law, Gül Okutan Nilsson
  • Competition Law, Kerem Cem Sanlı
  • Intellectual Property, Gül Okutan Nilsson
  • Labor Law, Nurhan Süral & Mustafa Kılıçoğlu
  • Tax Law, Ahmet Kumrulu & Billur Yaltı
  • Banking Law, Başak Şit İmamoğlu
  • Private International Law, Tuğrul Ansay & Eric Schneider
  • Foreign Investment, Bilgin Tiryakioğlu
  • International Commercial Arbitration in Turkey, Zeynep Derya Tannan

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Ürün Kodu 143919
Yayın Tarihi 2014 Ocak
Barkod 9789750233708
ISBN 9789750233708
Yayınevi Wolters Kluwer
Baskı Sayısı 2
Cilt Tipi Amerikan Cilt
Kağıt Türü 1. Hamur
Yazarlar Erıc C. Schneıder, Tuğrul Ansay